toilet bowl draft

Product Description

Features and benefits

• Comes with soft close seat
• Ideal for small bathrooms
• Dual 6 & 3 litre flush is 50% more efficient

• Soil pipe exitOPTIONS; through wall (P trap) or floor (S trap) or side turns

Want to know more?

It has a very short projection of only 650mm from the wall, making it ideal for smaller bathrooms. The waste spigot allows the soil pipe to either exit through the wall directly behind the pan (P trap), or to turn down and exit down through the floor (S trap). The pan also incorporates a cunning cut out behind the pan so that the soil pipe can turn either left or right within the bathroom should the soil pipe have to run along the wall.

The height of the cistern at 845mm makes it an elegantly proportioned piece – tall and graceful (if a WC can ever be that!). The cistern comes with a standard lid design, and has a dual flush (6 and 3 litre half flush) cistern fittings.

The flush button has a clean chrome finish. The MyTime soft close seat is a hard wearing quality urea seat with a standard stainless steel bar hinge.


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